May Update

The coronavirus epidemic continues to influence our daily lives in so many individual ways. None more so than for the library staff who continue to support and develop the service behind the scenes. I take this opportunity to thank all the Brixham girls as they rise to the challenge of providing a virtual service through their activities on-line. Whether it be competitions, on-line stories or Baby, Bounce & Rhyme, they have been there to support our children and young people through this difficult time. For the rest of us, the promotion of reading through e-books, for example ‘Libby’, whether in a print or audio format and other goodies have been widely promoted through the Brixham Library and FoBL Facebook pages. All these details can also be found on the Libraries Unlimited website.


In the meantime, we all have an opportunity to read whatever is available. Whether it be forgotten books lost in the bookcase, volumes that you never thought you’d read or books shared with neighbours, friends, family or discovered whilst out on one’s daily walk, the fact remains that reading still plays an important part in all our lives.


I know that some of you are worried that your books may be overdue and incurring fines as a result. Be assured that you will not be charged fines during this period of the library being closed. If this still worries you, books can be posted through the library letter box using the book drop facility and will be dealt with the next time a member of staff is visiting the library.


At the time of writing this we don’t have any information of when libraries will be reopening and when they do, what services will be provided. However, we can only hope that it won’t be too long before we will be browsing amongst the bookshelves and the overriding consideration must be that they open safely with safe distancing being a major consideration.



One day this will all be over. When it is, we at Brixham Library want to celebrate…and what community event would be complete without swathes of colourful bunting!?
So, we are asking our locked-down library friends to help us create bunting flags for us. Whilst we have been closed during the Coronavirus lockdown it has been easy enough for us to engage with some of our service users online. However, apart from ‘phone calls to our most vulnerable customers; we are finding it difficult to interact with those who are not internet users. Our bunting project is a way of helping isolated people feel a part of the community under lockdown and for us all to look forward to a brighter ‘bunting decorated’ future. So please HELP SPREAD THE WORD…
How to make your bunting: We are asking contributors to make triangular flag bunting with dimensions of 5” across the top and 6” from the top to bottom. You can use any fabric, single or double layered, in any colour and sew, glue or staple depending on your level of skill! Once the lockdown is lifted and the library reopens you can deliver your bunting flags to us or pop through our book drop. If you are housebound just give us a call and we will arrange to come and collect the flags from you.
Friends of Brixham Library #buntingproject #lockdowncraft #librariesfromhome#keepsmilingbrixham #wewillmeetagain


And finally……

I have taken the liberty of copying this from a friends Facebook page, but you can’t not smile when you see it!!