Centenary Celebration at Brixham Library and Museum

On the day the country commemorated the ‘lights going out’ in memory of the fallen in WW1, the Friends of Brixham Library celebrated the 100 year centenary with the opening of an exhibition on The Ledge in Brixham library and new exhibits in Brixham Museum.

Dan Trezise and guests at the opening

Jane Barnaby, Chair of the Council, cut the ribbon to unveil the  triptych scale model. Dan Trezise, a year 9 student, was also present; he was chosen as the prize winning poet for his piece. (see below)


Honour the Fallen                                                                                            

Death shadowed their footsteps

All the way to their graves.

The unmistakable stench of blood

Filling the air with horror.

History already written,

But we remember the brave.

We remember the people

Who fought for our country’s freedom.

We will honour them,

And never forget them.