FOBL AGM – your votes needed


Friends of Brixham Library – Annual General Meeting

2-3pm, Wednesday  18 August, at Brixham Library

All members are invited to attend the 2020-21 FOBL AGM on 18 August. At the AGM members will be presented with the Chairperson’s Report and the Treasurer’s Report for discussion and approval. 

Please note at the meeting the current committee are resigning and are not standing for re-election. The meeting will vote for a new committee to lead FOBL.

Nominations requested:

Nominations are required for Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer and up to 4 additional committee members. A nominations form is attached, please complete the form and either bring it to the AGM or email it in advance to the Secretary,

If there are insufficient nominations (minimum 3 to cover the Chairperson, Treasurer and Secretary), then FOBL will be unable to continue and will need to close. Closure of FOBL will be agreed by the membership at a Special General Meeting.


Special General Meeting on Wednesday 18 August, at Brixham Library.

This meeting will only go ahead if the AGM does not vote in a new committee. The meeting will take place immediately following the AGM and, according to the constitution, the only item on the agenda will be the dissolution of FOBL.

Kim Jackson, FoBL Secretary

23 July 2021